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Cost & practicalities

I charge £60 per fifty minutes session. Sessions are held weekly, usually on the same day and at the same time. My fees are reviewed annually.

I am an 8 min walk from Walton-on-Thames train station. There is parking on site.

What is the difference between counselling & psychotherapy?

Counselling is usually for a specific problem and is shorter-term (6-8 sessions). Whereas psychotherapy is longer-term and involves wider and deeper exploration.

What does Humanistic Counselling mean?

As a Humanistic counsellor, I believe in human potential for developing, healing and change. I believe we all have, within ourselves, an ever-present life force and creative energy (even if life seems really bleak sometimes). Difficult and unpleasant emotions (such as anxiety and depression for example) are to be explored and understood rather than ignored, avoided and stamped out. Change usually starts with self-awareness, understanding and acceptance.

How to choose a counsellor?

Choosing a counsellor can be confusing with all the different kinds of therapies available. First of all, make sure your counsellor is part of a governing body. I adhere to UKCP and BACP code of ethics but there are more out there so make sure you google them. You should be able to see a logo on the counsellor's website. You can always try an initial session with a therapist to see if you get on. It is important that you feel you can work together. Remember you can always decide to stop or change therapist. If you would like to have a chat for more information, don't hesitate to give me a call and I will be happy to point you in the right direction.

How long does therapy take?

It depends how deep you want to go and what problems you would like to address. I offer both long-term and short-term therapy. During our first session we will discuss your reasons for coming to counselling and usually agree on an initial 6 sessions, at the end of which, we both re-assess. Some people find six sessions are enough. Others will continue longer-term.

What about confidentiality?

My work is entirely confidential. However, for ethical reasons, I share some of my work with my supervisor who also adheres to confidentiality. I will break confidentiality if there is potential harm to yourself and/or others and in the court of law. I will always try my best to tell you first if I need to break confidentiality. In terms of GDPR, I am required to register with the ICO and need to obtain your permission to keep your details online and on paper. You can request to see or destroy your data at any time. My ICO number is ZB343242

What happens in the first session?

My approach is warm and friendly. In the first session, we usually discuss the reasons why you have decided to come to counselling. We also discuss your hopes and fears about counselling. I understand that sometimes it is difficult to articulate problems and internal experiences. Together, we can work at identifying difficulties and limiting issues in your life. At the end of the first session, if we both agree that we can work together, I will go through the agreement form with you. We can start with an initial six session and then re-evaluate to see what works, what doesn't and if you would like to carry on.

Ending counselling

You can end counselling at any time. I recommend that we leave some time for ending depending on how long we have been working together. To give you an idea, if we have been working for two years together, I recommend that we allow six weeks for ending. During the ending, we usually speak about what you take away with you, what has changed for you, what next, what hasn't worked for you, your reasons for ending. It can be a very useful and satisfying process to take time to say goodbye.

For psychotherapy and counselling, I am within easy reach from Hersham, Walton on Thames, Weybridge, Esher, Claygate, Chertsey, West Byfleet, Molesey, Cobham, Oxshott, Shepperton, Staines, Brooklands, Kingston and Teddington. Counselling, psychotherapy, therapy in North Surrey and Elmbridge.

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