Questions you might have...

  • How do I prepare for the session?

If you have little ones, make sure you explain to them that I coming to take pictures of your family. Please don't tell them that they will have to smile and behave, just let them know that it's going to be fun for everyone and that we will play a few games. I always spend a bit of time at the beginning of the session to get to know everyone before I start taking pictures. 

  • What do I wear?

Try to keep it simple and classic (unless you want to make a statement), choose neutral colours, that always works best. I will talk to you over the phone about clothing, depending on the season and the feel you would like to have in your pictures. You can always text me pictures of your outfits and I will help you!

  • Do I need to bring anything?

If we are doing the session outdoors, make sure you bring a change of clothes for the little ones just in case clothes get too dirty. You will also need to bring snacks and drinks in case the children would like a break (they usually do!)

  • What happens during the session?

My style of photography is natural lifestyle so I will direct you but will mostly let your family interact with each other the way you are used to. Every family is different so I like to go with the flow and see what the next moment brings. The little ones usually lead the way!

  • How do I book my session?

Just give me a call or email me and we will go through everything you need to know!

  • What happens if it rains?

We do live in the UK, so there is a chance that we might have to reschedule...

  • How long is the shoot?

I usually spend about 1 1/2 to 2 hours with you. If it is a newborn session, it might be longer. I never rush my sessions and will only book one session a day.

  • When is the best time for a newborn session?

The best time for a newborn session is about a week after birth. But you might not feel up for it when the time comes, so no worries, we can always reschedule for when it works for you. I am always very flexible with newborn sessions. I also think that every stage is beautiful to photograph in a newborn.

If you have any other questions...